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Thursday, May 10, 2007 

How to love yourself

I've known for years I would probably love the Red House Painters, but their intimidatingly long song/album times and inaccessibility here in Guelph meant I never investigated. Then one day Songs For a Blue Guitar popped up in my local used record shop, and now I'm rapidly speeding towards needing everything Mark Kozelek has ever done.

A big part of the process, and one of the most personally important songs I've heard since starting grad school, is "Have You Forgotten," the first track from that album. Today my Seconds on it goes up at Stylus, and it is probably one of the better things I've ever written for the site. I am exceptionally pleased that I could go some way towards doing the song justice, in a minor attempt to pay back all the good things that the song does to me, to paraphrase it.

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