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Wednesday, February 13, 2008 

Top marks for the cops

I have powerfully mixed feelings about the whole Scientology vs. Anonymous thing (although not about Scientology - it's a damned cult, period, and yes I believe there is a distinction between cults and religions), but this makes me feel a whole lot better. About anonymous, and the internet, and also just about people.

*lol lol lol* That was hilarious. Thanks for the link. I couldn't tell you what the difference between a cult and a religion is... But I will tell you this. Last job I had, my cubicle was stuck between a devout Muslim's and a kind-hearted if simple-minded Evangelical. And we were across the street from a Scientology Reading Room. One of my co-worker's, a rather hare-brained girl, was like: "Maybe I was given this job as a sign so that I could become a Scientologist" and started doing their entrance tests and got really into it. It was painful to look at. One day I simply had to grab her and say: "Look! I don't know if Khadijah is right, or if Bill is wrong- I may not agree with them but I respect their beliefs, what the heck do I know? But I guarantee you that Scientology is complete bullshit, and may Xenu strike me dead right now if I'm wrong!"
The girl cringed for a second- but something kind of snapped inside of her and she went like:
"Yeah, I kind of got the feeling that it was kind of like a scam."

I'd have to go back and find the (excellent) article I read years ago, I admit, but it was very similar in structure to Umberto Eco's article about fascism: Here are 14 characteristics, a cult will possess at least most of them. And so on. I remembered noting at the time that Scientology possessed an overwhelming percent of the characteristics.

I'm glad you said that to your coworker though - so did she stop going after that?

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