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Friday, March 07, 2008 

Jury nullification

I'm Canadian, so it doesn't effect me as much as it does Americans (although it does still effect me, let's not forget). But I'm still intrigued and generally supported by this editorial by the writing staff of The Wire, calling for an end to the incredibly flawed and pointless (in its current incarnation) War on Drugs. Particularly insightful and troubling is this observation: "Lost in an unwinnable drug war, a new generation of law officers is no longer capable of investigating crime properly, having learned only to make court pay by grabbing cheap, meaningless drug arrests off the nearest corner."

The analogy between that and newspaper reporters who are lost in an unending blizzard of press report and so are no long capable of investigating the news properly, having learned only to advance their careers by grabbing cheap, meaningless copy off of the nearest PR flack is pathetically strong; both are deeply dangerous, although in different ways.

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