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Thursday, February 21, 2008 


Anyone who is at all interested in what I said about Vampire Weekend below (and I fixed some of the typos which I somehow missed - how embarrassing!) should drop by my friend Erik's blog for his take. I think his point about Billy Bragg is pretty well taken (I've never heard Bishop Allen), but I kind of disagree about Batmanglij's keyboards and fake strings - at first they annoyed me (I remarked to a friend that, for example, "Mansard Roof" sounded much better before the cheese came in), but I kind of came around to it; I now think their bright, simple feel matches the ethos and lyrics of the music so well that I'm glad he's such an essential part of the song. And while I like "Campus," I still think "M79" is the standout here. Still, I haven't heard "Ladies of Cambridge"...

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