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Saturday, March 08, 2008 

New venue

I'm going to be writing music reviews for the mighty PopMatters (the bigger-than-Stylus site we didn't think was overrated), and my inaugural effort is the new album by the always mighty Goslings. I think the review reads a bit rusty - it's my first long form review in a long time - but hopefully it's still worth your attention.

Congratulations! I love being mentioned in two Goslings pieces; you need to make this a running trope through every Goslings review you write. I'm hoping for anonymous immortality.

I think it is actually a strong piece of writing, though it may be a bit metaphorically florid in the second and fourth paragraphs (but the image of "a sledgehammer made of densely packed sparks" is outstanding).

Maybe one day I'll even mention your name!

I did warn about floridity right off the bat, but I'm glad you agree about the sledgehammer image. I almost left it out, but then figured it sums up the sound pretty well.

Adding PopMatters to my browsing list, then.

If you liked Stylus, Hans, I should point out that the other day 4/5 of the Pitchfork reviews were written by members of the Stylus diaspora...

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