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Sunday, May 11, 2008 

That'll learn me

I should note, in fairness, that after my gloomy predictions, the past two days at work have been the best weekend shifts I've had in quite some time (the contrast with the last couple of Saturdays makes me want to say 'ever,' but I think that's a bit much). Purchasing was light, without us having to turn anyone away (which is stressful and time consuming), the calls were done, we went from a week behind on stock to 11 DVDs away from being 100% caught up, and there weren't massive piles of CDs and DVDs to be unloaded on the counter.

Having some of the old staff back helps a lot, but what these two days really reinforced is the extent to which our collective job performance/satisfaction is really dependent on our clientele. Witness the last half hour today, when every asshole possible crawled out of the woodwork (NB. if you walk into a store ten minutes from when they close and start browsing, I don't care what rationalization you have in mind, you're a bad person). But other than that, it was lovely. And productive.

Part of me says I should complain about my job more often, but as Howlin' Wolf says, I ain't superstitious.

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