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Saturday, May 10, 2008 


So I'm standing in my workplace, ready to start the day (we open in 10 minutes). Saturdays are always horrible; today in particular, we have way too much stock to go out, given the flood of people likely (almost certain, really) to come in looking to sell stuff. Saturday is our busiest day; in a normal retail job, that'd be great (I'd rather keep busy, thanks), but here that means all the stuff coming in prevents us from doing the rest of our job, putting stuff out/selling stuff, and also because the same thing happened two weeks ago we also have much more to put out. The only way I can not buy stuff is to not have money on hand.

We have plenty of money on hand.

My only hope for a day that isn't going to make me want to kill someone is that we don't have a flood of people looking to sell stuff. Unlike the past few months, recently we've had a few days like that. But it's Saturday. I'm not holding my breath.

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