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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 

Shell of light

I'm not a fan of the whole wear-your-iPod-everywhere-you-go culture that seems to be developing, but if I'm going to wander around downtown doing errands by myself I do listen to music then (I just turn it off before I enter stores and so on). Today wasn't really an appropriate day to be listening to Burial's Untrue - it was brisk and cloudy, yes, but the sky was blue. Really, unless it's nighttime Burial's music doesn't really feel 'right,' and if I'm walking around at night it's probably with friends. But I put it on today anyway, because the album is so beautiful (in a blocky, off-kilter kind of way) that I needed to hear it again, and headphones have an intimacy that speakers can never manage. It was working fine, but I managed to enter the unlit pedestrian tunnel under the train tracks just as "Endorphin" started - a perfect, oddly sublime moment.

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