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Monday, September 01, 2008 

All the pieces matter

So I've got a few days off, wherein I am trying to get caught up on writing for PopMatters and elsewhere; naturally enough, this is also when I decided to start watching The Wire at long last (the first four seasons are mine, and I'm second in line at work for the fifth). As a longtime fan of Homicide, I didn't find it the slow start that some of my friends did - I'm badly hooked already. Damn it. I need to write another review now, not watch another episode. but we'll see.

Also, I voted today, in the advance polls. You can probably guess my choice. It's nice that Blair Wilson decided to join the party, and may even be crucial if it gets Elizabeth May a seat in the debates (as it should; the Green Party has received as much as 10% of the popular vote which is more than the NDP has gotten when they've taken up to 13 seats, it runs candidates across the country (something neither Reform nor the Bloc has done when they've been allowed in), and now they have an MP...). But that doesn't change my feelings about this by-election, assuming Harper actually lets it stand. Which he might not, because he's a venal, hypocritical douchebag. (I know, I know, all politicians are - but defying the 'law' he himself put in place is kind of blatant even for them)

Did I ever tell you my wife was on Homicide? (Of course, everyone who lived in Baltimore in the '90s was probably in an episode except for me).

We're finishing up The Shield before we dive into The Wire. Maybe this winter.

An extra, or would I remember her possibly?

I've never seen the Shield, but I hear it's good.

They filmed an episode at the art college (though it was supposed to be an after school program for high schoolers) and she was an extra, given the direction to walk past the camera and give a questioning, mistrustful look towards Detective Lewis.

We're almost done with Season 4 of The Shield and it has been surprisingly good; I might even go so far as to say it has gotten better each season.

Well sheesh, I think I remember that episode, but the number of people who've looked distrustfully at Lewis are fairly legion.

The Shield, if anything, seems to be going further down the continuum of shows that depict cops as... shall we say fallible? The Wire mostly focuses on cops who are slightly more upstanding, but the amount of infidelity, drunk driving, brutality, etc still disturb, although less so because I'd already read the book Homicide, which is excellent but kind of harrowing.

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