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Tuesday, August 19, 2008 


I'm busy/on semi-vacation this week (yes, again), but someone stumbled upon this and I had to share - not just because he's right, although I think he is (and Simon's put his finger on something that's long kind of bugged me), but because of the really flattering mention of both Stylus and myself. It's appreciated.

He's right. The old Stylus crew was pretty formidable - ignoring Nick Southall's five thousand word rants on the mastering process - and a hell of a lot better than a wanker like Everett True (not sure why he got a mention).

Thanks, good to be of service.

Dave: well, yeah, that's true (Plan B seems to have turned up quite well for his influence, in fairness, and among the monthlies they're by far closest to what I was referring to), but in terms of the debate for a while back there it seemed like he was MM.

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