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Friday, August 22, 2008 

This is the best idea ever

It's called Cassette From My Ex, and I suddenly deeply regret that non of my exes ever made me a cassette tape (or rather one ex-crush did, in high school, and I don't have it any more and can't remember what was on it). Oh, if only you could write up CDs as well!

oh wow. that's cool.

An ex of mine in high school actually made me a tape. I still have it around here somewhere I believe. I'll have to look for it when i'm packing and moving soon...

It wasn't a great tape. Not even good I don't think. He was into 80's/90's metal a la Savatage. And classical music. And was obsessed with Apocalyptica. And Metallica obviously. Maybe I don't wanna look for that tape afterall...

Also I feel my taste in men has greatly improved since.

Jesus, it'd almost have to.

yeah. more or less. sometimes there's no where to go but up.

Still, it's sweet he'd make you a tape. It'd make for a good post!

I wish I had one.

It'd make for a great post i'm sure. I really need to dig it up. I've got a tape deck in my new car so I can listen to it now, even.

I used to make tapes for people all the time. I was the best friend/gf ever. He's the only one who actually made me a full on cassette though. The rest, sadly were cds, though they were mostly much higher in quality as far as the mix is concerned

That's my problem too, in both directions. The best mix I ever made for an ex was on MP3s (it was going straight on her MP3 player for a trip and we were short of time).

Never got a mix tape, but did get an actual casette with Idlewild's 100 Broken Windows and Dum Dums' It Goes Without Saying.

The former I love to this day, the latter was basically McFly 4 years too early and these days makes for a fascinating and kind of charming listen

I'm pretty sure I still love 100 Broken Windows, I'd have to go back to it... late period Idlewild has turned me off of them pretty hard, though. You got an actual cassette! That's halfway to what we're jealous about, anyways.

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