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Tuesday, September 16, 2008 

Moth wings

I've been too busy watching The Wire and trying to get caught up on crap to post here recently, but today sees my review of the new Tape record up at PopMatters.

So I LOVED the First Season of "The Wire" and then sometime passed and a lot of other seasons came on and everyone said it was the best show ever made, like, EVER, and I was like: "Well, it was pretty good, but did I miss something?" So this reminds me I need to rewatch the first season. And then all the others.

The Wire is very good, though comparing the other seasons to the first doesn't give the right impression of how they pan out, or what they are about. You'll find out. You'll like it. When you get to the end I'll be interested to hear your opinions on how it all goes down/blows up/slides sideways...etc....you'll find out.


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