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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 

You won't be sad or broken tonight

I hope everyone out there has been having good holidays and so forth, and that everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2009. For some reason, tonight this song feels appropriate. My best to all of you.

DAMN that was a cute video. Not crying, not crying.

A little shamelessly manipulative, but yeah, I like it. The song feels very post-The Wire to me, actually, Robyn offering the kind of universal benediction that many of the characters on that show wish they had the power to enforce. Maybe that's why I find it so moving, even if the song itself acknowledges that it's a fantasy.

Aaah, The Wire. My treacherous Wire-watching buddy moved on to season 3 without me and left me stranded. I wonder if I'll ever make it through it all.

I'm trying to ration myself, actually. Just finished season 4. It keeps getting better.

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