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Tuesday, December 16, 2008 

Gonna kiss up to the Great Misgiver

Do you know what was a really underappreciated album this year? Kensington Heights, by Constantines. I may be in the minority in thinking that their two last albums are their best (as albums qua albums that is, I will certainly cede the point that some of the tracks from Shine a Light are among their best, ditto with "Young Offenders"), but it really was just astonishingly solid and satisfying - not sure if it makes my top twenty, but it's a close run thing and it may actually suffer (unfairly) for 'just' being so consistent as opposed to other albums that are flashier or have more obvious conceptual hooks. But hell, being the best rock band in Canada ought to be enough for people, right?

I love the Constantines...and I think I made at least somewhat of an effort to review this one, but got slapped down everywhere and so haven't heard it. It's good, huh?

It's good, but very much along the lines of Tournament of Hearts as opposed to their earlier work. I think I might like ToH just a little more, but they're close.

Who reviewed it for PM, then? If we both asked for it, whoever did better have done a good job...

I think I finally did a show preview at PW...you know, on a couple of MySpace streams, quality work, as always.

Thanks for this, though. I liked Tournament of Hearts a lot, too.

I'm assuming you've seen them live, since you live up north?

Many times, starting with an amazing but atypical show at the University of Guelph's Grad Lounge when they first started out, where the sound was so shitty they were effectively a very loud instrumental band. I loved them so much I got them all to autograph the setlist, which kind of embarrassed them.

I'm seeing them again tomorrow night, actually.

I've been really enjoying this, Ian, thanks!

Glad to hear it! Now you just need to get out to their live show... they're still fantastic, at least in Guelph (I pretty much visibly lose my shit for the duration of "Young Offenders" every time though, so I am biased).

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