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Tuesday, January 20, 2009 

I don't really liveblog

me: watching the inauguration?

Theon: aretha franklin is singing a sort of meandering version of my country tis of thee yes

me: yes, i am hearing that too
she seems into ringing

Theon: yeah

me: i haven't missed the speech though, right?
rick warren was better than i feared he would be

Theon: no speech yet no
rick warren was okay except for when he said the 44th transition of power
it was cool when he said MALLLLIA

me: why not the 44th transition thing?

Theon: cause obama's the 44th president
so there have been 43

me: oooh, oath of office!
damn, should have noticed that

Theon: just being a pedant

me: nice that it's stevens

Theon: cbs keeps making pointed comparisons to kennedy

me: i'm watching the AP feed at the chicago tribune
that's funny though
damn, more music

Theon: what the hell yo yo ma is there

me: oooh, yo yo ma, big surprise


me: ugh
just play duel of the fates, guys!
actually, this is kind of nice so far

Theon: yup

me: so is the stylus board going crazy right now?
ah jeeze, "it is a joy to be simple"? really?

Theon: not really i think they're all down their respective halls watching large screens
simplify simplify

me: what the hell is the pianist wearing

Theon: same boutique as aretha's hat

me: hahahaha no kidding
did yo yo ma just wave at the crowd? dude, they're not here for you
PM you standing?

Theon: yo yo ma's great he was on mr. rogers once
hahahah awwwwww

me: man, they're kind of fumbling...

Theon: he fucked up cause he's a secret muslim

me: why is that one shorter than the VP one?

Theon: you know that's a koran in bible covers right

me: oh shiiiiiiiiit
and the speech, here we go!

(then we both shut up, because it was a pretty great speech)

"me: why not the 44th transition thing?

Theon: cause obama's the 44th president
so there have been 43"

Also, he said "peaceful" transition, and I dispute that the transition from JFK to LBJ, for instance, was "peaceful".

"Peaceful transition" in this context is a technical term used by American's to indicate that neither the outgoing nor ingoing President seized or held onto power through violent means. So unless you're accusing LBJ of being on the grassy knoll, they'd consider that one peaceful.

Oh yeah? Where was JFK shot? Texas. Where's LBJ from? Yeah. Connect the dots.

Also, I'm pretty sure it was John Tyler who told William Henry Harrison not to wear a coat to the inauguration.


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