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Thursday, January 22, 2009 

We ain't born typical

In what I think is probably the last best-of-2008 thing I'm involved in (honest this time!), PopMatters has a massive "slipped discs" feature up today where all of us writers try some special pleading on behalf of albums that didn't make the site's official top 50 list. My blurb for the Kills is here, and the last thing I ever plan to write about Samamidon's All Is Well can be found here, but the whole thing is worth reading.

Ian, I'm pretty sure you wrote about that Sam Amidon album on Stylus back in 2007 - correct me if I'm wrong. it's a beautiful album, I love the Charlie Brown song especially. I am sure I got it from you ages ago.

I did - as Stylus closed October 2007, Todd got special dispensation to review it months before it came out. It actually came out February 2008. I've written about the damn thing at least four or five major times. I'm glad you like it!

Ian, your Samamidon write-up is exactly how I felt about David Kilgour last year...I had written about him 6-7 times in various venues, PopMatters, Dusted, MOG etc.,but nothing seemed to stick, and every time I turned somebody onto it, they were like "why haven't I heard of this?" (Er, you don't read my stuff perhaps?) It makes you wonder what we are all doing here. But still, a worthy fight. I am going to dig that record out (Samamidon, I mean. I listened to Kilgour yesterday) right now in tribute.

Why thank you! Yeah, I felt a bit bad when I discovered that Escovedo album this year is as good as you were saying it was. I should know better, but I'm still on the wrong side of the Amidon-Kilgour gap somtimes.

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