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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 

Get to know it in the dark

I like Animal Collective and all, but if we're going to talk about a respected indie band who've stepped up this year and made an album that both (a) leaves behind the more traditionally 'rock' instrumentation of previous efforts for something more sequenced and buzzy and (b) is their best work to date, we really should be talking about It's Blitz! Show Your Bones was a record I respected and liked but, aside from a few tracks like "Turn Into" didn't actually love; this one is the most unexpected stylistic and emotional jump since the Kills finally made me a fan in 2008.

Having heard 'Zero' for the first time tonight, I've now played it six or seven times. Love it! A different direction, to be sure, but consider my appetite for It's Blitz duly whetted...

It's not even the best song on the disc, honestly - I like "Skeleton" and "Hysteric" a little more, and most of the other tracks are as good.

Jesus Christ. Someone uncovered last week's noctournal emission re: Adolescent Chrissie Hynde raiding Steve Harris's wardrobe trunk and put it on your fucking blog.

If you thought reading Philip K. Dick while on Special K was weird, I've got two tickets to a midget circus in Istanbul I'm ready to part with gratis.

I'm amazed to see now that I didn't mention Chrissie Hynde myself, but that's definitely who I was thinking of. But stew, what did you think of the song?

And two tickets? Surely we could go to the midget circus together. I've got some fantastic small batch gin to bring.

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