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Wednesday, May 06, 2009 

Lucky bastards

If Stuart Braithwaite's twitter is any indication, I was more right than I suspected in raving about Mogwai's Toronto show; every single set list he's posted looks great, but barring the first night in NYC the Toronto one is easily the greatest. And those guys didn't get "Auto Rock" or "Travel Is Dangerous" or "Cody," but they DID get "Mogwai Fear Satan" and "My Father My King" as well as "Like Herod" and what may still by my favourite Mogwai song, "Helicon 1" (and old obscurity "Ithica 27/9"!). So in other words, pretty much the greatest Mogwai show you're likely to see.

I always forget Mogwai are one of my favourite bands and then I see them live again or randomly play an album and spend about a month being obsessed with them. Had I the money and invincible eardrums, I'd be following their tour around North America right now. Oh, to be a roadie...

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