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Friday, September 11, 2009 

So what's an own goal, then?

First of all, Tom Ewing is a fucking genius and has been for years (I was definitely reading him when I started writing, so he's a formative influence on me as much as glenn mcdonald, Chris Ott (for better or worse!), Nick Southall and the rest of the Stylus crew, et al), so respect is due on that account. But this post of his on "music critics as football positions" is so casually brilliant it set me back a bit. We've been talking about it on the Stylus boards today and one of my favourite Stylus writers put me down as a holding midfielder, which I'm quite flattered by. And I'm glad someone assigned me somewhere, because I'm sufficiently Canadian that when I read that post all I could think was that it would be grotesquely egotistical to say that I was any of those positions.

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