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Monday, October 05, 2009 

"Crowdsourcing kills art"

When friends ask me why I don't attempt to make a living writing about music, I've never had a pithy answer. Now I can just show them this video. I pretty much agree with everything Christopher R. Weingarten says there, although I'd probably emphasize things a little bit differently.

Weingarten's point about "the because" is right but I think he's overoptimistic about how good your writing can be if you're ALWAYS restricted to 140 characters. More generally, he's got a valid point about a form of bad writing (3000 word pointless unedited internet reviews) and a form of good writing (poetic 140 word internet reviews) but like a lot of people he seems to make the error of thinking that his is the only form of good writing.

And while obviously the important thing here is that Weingarten's speech is true, hilarious and profane, I'm pleased to hear that people still remember Stylus.

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