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Wednesday, September 30, 2009 

I need two heads

I am feeling more than a little swamped right now, which is funny; I'm unemployed, I shouldn't be so busy I feel like I can't make any progress, right? But between (unpaid) writing, some big, exciting (unpaid) projects, an exceedingly busy weekend coming up, personal stuff, emails and facebook messages piling up for what feels like months now, a messy apartment (and brief window of opportunity to clean it up a bit that involves me finding time to go through a lot of my shit and figure out what I don't need), always increasing piles of stuff I need to hear, read and watch, a broken-ass old computer that makes everything I do on it feel twice as slow, a lack of money, waiting for a job I've been semi-offered to actually get posted etc etc etc...I'll get caught up soon enough, I'm sure. But my apologies in advance if you run into/talk to me anytime soon and I seem a bit... frantic.

In the meantime, I've got another capsule review up at PopMatters, this one on the fine new Tangled Star EP.

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