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Thursday, September 24, 2009 

Not just happy little trees

It's going to be kind of a weird day for me due to sleep deprivation - I'm doing my best not to go sleep for hours so that I can get to bed at a reasonable time for once, but doing so means that I'm not sure I have the mental focus necessary for the things I ought to be doing (writing, responding to emails, sorting through my books for the big sale the library is having). It stresses me out; I feel like I have all this stuff I should be doing (well, I do) but I can't and even shouldn't do it right now. Of course, when I'm stressed out I tend to watch an episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, who I've eulogised for PopMatters as part of their big feature on celebrities and death.

Less important to me personally but still hopefully kind of edifying, my short review of the Shortwave Set's slightly underwhelming sophomore effort went up at PM a few days ago. Between being away last weekend and how busy I've been since I got back, I forgot to link it.

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