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Tuesday, November 10, 2009 

"I'm not bitter, I'm justifiably angry"

(via Fluxblog)

Andy Falkous is a genius. Why do I not already own both Future of the Left albums? I can tell you why I didn't see them (arrrrgh) when they played Toronto last week - lack of money. Next time. Please let nothing get in the way of a next time - I never saw Mclusky live either.

oh godfuckingdamnit. they played denver RIGHT after I moved here and I had no clue.

We are companions in loserdom!

squiIan, I've got Travels with Myself and Another, want it?

sorry, somehow I appended the word verification to your name, Ian..."squiIan" jesus.

I've been listening to that one the past couple of days, actually... thanks, though!

I didn't know I had word verification turned on - I'm always signed in to comment on my own blog. Is it very annoying?

No, it's not really annoying. Sometimes I turn the pictures off on my internet because of the slow connection, and then I have to turn it on again to see the word, but that's not a big deal.

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