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Monday, January 25, 2010 

You think you have what you own

I really love being surprised by the new record from an old favourite, and Alan Sparhawk's second album as Retribution Gospel Choir certainly qualifies. I'll be truly surprised if it isn't somewhere in my, say, top 5 by the time 2011 comes around, and it is utterly unlike what I would have expected from the RGC. They'r playing in Toronto, oh, tomorrrow - I don't suppose anyone wants to give me a ride there and back, huh? I'll pay for tickets!

(Sartorial note: Don't you love Alan's sideburns? He looks like he could play Sabretooth or an American Civil War general or something)

Ashamed to say I'd never heard of them before - think I'll be buying an album, or both...

Must be due a new Low album shortly, I'd guess?

Well jeeze Ben, I DID review the first album and interview Alan when it came out. ;)

The first album is good, but the second album is FANTASTIC. I'd recommend getting it first for sure.

A new Low album is always good news - I haven't heard anything yet, but I'll keep checking.

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