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Friday, February 25, 2005 


Midnight Movies has a basic video up for their single "Mirage", which I think does a better job than just hearing the song alone. Something about Gena Olivier's drumming and singing needs to be experienced visually in addition to aurally; not in some dumb, "oh wow, she can sing and drum at the same time!" sense, but both of them make more sense in the context of the other, or rather in the context of both happening at once. Seeing Olivier and the rest of the band live, I remember wondering why there aren't more singing drummers, as both sounds seemed to profit immeasurably by the association, but hearing the record I realise that's at least partially because when you see her that the interplay between the two (and especially the punctuative nature of her drumming) becomes noticable and even compelling.

Or maybe you'll see the video and think I'm full of shit (for me the video is more than anything else a visual cue to remember what their live show was like, and I would gladly see them again). But you won't know if you don't try.

Meanwhile, the overly hyped and quite annoying looking The Bravery have a few videos up. As much as I think their name is silly, and their dress sense as well, "An Honest Mistake" is actually really fucking good. Unfortunately "Unconditional" isn't very good at all. I'm sure the album will be underwhelming, but one can always hope.

And on a non-Launch but definitely music related note; in the "original documentary" on the DVD of The Filth And The Fury, the singer for the U.S. Bombs refers to the "simplexity" of the Ramones. I don't know whether he meant to coin a neologism, but I think it's perfect (and probably applicable to other bands).

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