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Friday, October 07, 2005 

The transporter

Mention to Aaron and Christa at the bar as something I was going to blog, then promptly forgotten: In the gym on Monday I saw the weirdest thing on TV. The Price Is Right was on one of the TVs, and while I was watching (listening to Silent Alarm on the discman, which I've been enjoying more and more these days) they called down a new contest, a middle-aged African American woman with a "Jesus is The Answer" t-shirt.

Now, I'm assuming you've seen at least a few episodes of The Price Is Right (because you're not a goddamned philistine), so you know how the contests always squeal and rush down the aisle to be closer to Bob. Well, this woman appeared to be possessed by whatever the game show equivalent of the Holy Spirit is. It took her (I measured it by the clock) four minutes to walk down that aisle. And it was more like she slowly fell down it, supported by the hands of other audience members, although I think they were trying to high-five her. It was, barring grainy documentary footage of snake handlers, the closest thing to religious ecstacy I've ever seen on TV.

And it was creepy. I don't know what that woman had built the show up to be or represent in her head, but Bob Barker and The Price Is Right just shouldn't engender that kind of fervor.

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