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Monday, May 07, 2007 

Getting back into gear (slightly)

A day spent procrastinating tends to crumple around you, shrinking into one dense, white-hot singularity of nervous boredom as your lack of application is represented by... I dunno, looking stuff up on Wikipedia or something. But I can genuinely say that I've gotten work done yesterday and today and if I'm not back up to the speed I need to be yet, we're at least getting there. And I've still got all evening.

Still, as leaving the house to buy food feels like even worse slacking than just sitting there not working and as I still don't have a job the pantry is getting awfully slim. My breakfast/lunch today consisted of the last hotdog, some Stoned Wheat Thins and an apple. That's okay, as in times of privation and academic stress I tend to shut down as far as eating goes. We've got an unopened package of baloney and a bottle of mustard; as soon as I grab a loaf of bread and a few more apples I'm set for a while.

So what have I been doing? Well, among other things, some singles blurbs.

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