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Saturday, May 05, 2007 

Time spirals around the "Originator."

I've been listening to Excepter a lot again, partly thanks to Mike R. Powell's completely fantastic (in both senses) chat with John Fell Ryan, partly because now thanks to Mike I have Self-Destruction as well as Alternation to listen to (to say nothing of the STREAMS), partly because it's just been that kind of life, you know? While looking up some of their live stuff I stumbled upon a link to this Desert Island Discs list that John Fell Ryan did for Dusted, and it is the best example of the form ever.

All musicians should feel content only to play variations on one song. The wise know this and everyone else just learns from them.


Multiple schools of science should be devoted to decoding the groove in this jam, it's like another universe, another dimension, no comparison to other music or audible realities. In fact, society dropped the ball on James. He warned us... I'm not exactly sure myself what Mr. Brown has planned for us to get involved in, but it sounds something like dousing ourselves in kerosene, strapping a load of dynamite across our chests and letting her rip. It's not really dancing music, unless the dancing somehow involves severed hands and feet bouncing off the walls. The West puts this kind of activity down, but we desert-dwellers have to get serious if we're going to get off this dump. As quantum physics comics will tell you, if you need to escape imprisonment, you have to go up a level.

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