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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 

The ginge

Both my brother and my father have it, have for years. But it's not until I didn't shave for a full week or so that I confirmed what I suspected ever since my brother decided to go for facial hear: I, too, am half redhead. The line starts about halfway down my ears, and everything south of that comes in ginger. I thought about keeping it going but it's summer and I'm not a huge fan of how long it takes Ben or I to grow a respectable beard so I shaved it all off today. And boy, does it look red once it's lying there in the sink.

this post is useless without pics.

One of us. One of us.

Uh, I shaved it off already and I don't own a camera. Next time, though, I'll document it if I can.

Damn! I wanted to see it.

And when would you have done that, hmmm?

I'm kind of thinking I should grow a beard this winter, so you may see it yet. Depends on how certain people feel about that.

I'm all for it!

But I'm probably not the "certain people" you were alluding to.

Shame, that.

(This is hard, typing with one finger of my off hand. GRRRR)

I don't think you want to be in that group of 'certain people.' That or you're hitting on me.

SHHHH! Don't tell my wife!

No, just me admiring - again - your phrasing on such matters. It is nothing short of delicately brilliant; mere nuance doesn't cover it.

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