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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 

This is nothing like it was in my room

So I was listening to Boxer (again) and this time when I was curious about a lyric the internet had them up. But I'm a bit disappointed, as I always am; I thought the line in "Brainy"'s chorus was "Come on let me call you 'love,' brainy brainy brainy." So it was a snarky but sincere song about falling for an imperiously intelligent woman who doesn't have much time for you (while that's not something that's ever happened to me, I can definitely see the appeal, even with the last bit). But it's really "Come home in the car you love, brainy brainy brainy," and it sounds like the song is actually being snarky but sincere about a stalker.

Still love the album.

Snarky, what a cool word.

It's evocative isn't it, you kind of know what it means before you look it up, eh?

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