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Monday, January 07, 2008 

Best laid

So I can't quite remember what I had planned to do today, but what wound up happening was I went to Ikea with Ben, Julia and Andy, where Andy and Ben and I had a semi-impromptu hot dog eating contest (the most disgusting thing I've ever done to myself), and then on the way back one of Julia's tires blew. So after the tow truck got there to put the spare on (who puts a spare and half a jack in a car, but not the other half of the jack or anything to take the bolts off of the tire? the people who made Julia's car, that's who) we drove to Andy's where, from about 5:30 until 11 we drank (a case of Lucky and a bunch of "Porn Stars," our new favourite mixed drink - think this, but with full ounces and topped up with club soda), laughed our asses off and listened to a ton of good stuff on vinyl (Closer, New Order, Bowie, Black Dice, Teengeneration, Black Uhuru etc). A hell of a way to spend your day. I'm listening to Desmond Dekker and reading about horror movies, and then I'm going to go to bed. Thank god today was my Saturday.

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