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Tuesday, January 08, 2008 

We get on

It's been a pretty productive day - got my glasses fixed, got the reimbursement check for same from CUPE, had a good day at work, am busily working away here - when Todd Burns lets me know that my first (but hopefully not only) review for the Village Voice was published today. Which marks, I guess, my first formally paid music writing outside of my Hillside article for Stylus this summer. As much as I love Stylus though, this is a bit more high profile. You'll hopefully be seeing a lot more of this sort of thing once I'm done my thesis.

Far out man. Are you going to cash the cheque, or frame it??

Congrats, Ian. You've earned it!

Yay - beers on you tonight.

Thanks, guys! Dad, I'm going to cash it. I have no sentimentality about getting paid. (now, if they gave me a ceremonial check for $5 before this one or something, that'd be another thing...)

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