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Thursday, February 14, 2008 

Light headed


....my first draft, that is. 81 pages and 159 footnotes, I'm sure it'll swell under the weight of revisions. In a lot of ways this was intellectually the toughest thing I've ever done - not because Ingarden and Davies were hard to grasp (at least I don't think they were.... I hope) but just because producing 80 pages of academic writing is apparently something my brain will fight against every step of the fucking way. It was like pulling teeth, digging ditches, insert your metaphor here.

So now I just have revisions and defence, so I'm, what? 50% done?


Now breathe.

I slept instead, but I imagine that involved breathing. I owe you a blog response, and an email!


Now drink.

That is the plan for tonight! We've got three cases of beer, a bottle of cinnamon flavoured whiskey, a bottle of Jaegermeister (along with some red bull to have with it), stuff to make a rather delicious drink called a pornstar, two bottles of gin and appropriate amounts of tonic water, some rum...

Mind you, that's because my brother is throwing a party, but I plan to put a significant dent in it myself.

FUCKIN A. Great job, Mathers.

Thanks, Weiss.

Awesome! Those things kept me out of grad school.

Congrats, Ian!!

Thanks! Now I just have to remember who I know that's called "esque"...

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