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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 

Why do you do what they tell you?

Christ I'm glad I bought the DVD version of Songbook: The Singles from work. Remember when the Super Furry Animals used to be the best band in the world? I don't, honestly, but in retrospect it seems bracingly clear. They shoulda been as big in the UK as Oasis wound up being. They produced at least four great albums in a row (and I need to re-evaluate Phantom Power, which I think I may like more than I remember), and Gruff Rhys is kinda my Platonic ideal of a rock frontman. Maybe it's just the nostalgia for when music videos looked like the ones for "Ice Hockey Hair" and "God! Show Me Magic," but I'm feeling very pro-SFA tonight. Guess it's time to finally check out Love Kraft and Hey Venus.

I recall the days when SFA used to be the best band in the world. Oh god yes, I do.

And while I lost interest in them on albums that came after Rings Around the World, despite they still manage to keep their sense of humor and awesome videos going.


Oh my god, that is INCREDIBLE. I used to spend quarters on games like that.

I liked Phantom Power okay, and I own it, but I've never heard the last two.

I've belatedly come round to their way of thinking - particularly liked Guerrilla. First saw them at the Reading Festival in '96 when they still used to tour with that tank. They were really drunk and shite...

Guerrilla is my favourite too, but sadly they never brought the tank to Canada.

They ARE the best band in the world. I got into them late - Love Kraft. I think it's a gorgeous record (i've since read that some in the press think their later records are plodding - I don't see it). I also love their early stuff.

See 'em live. Gruff Rhys is one of rocks great all time songwriters.

I've seen them live three times, all before Love Kraft. They're pretty awesome - the sasquatch costumes especially.

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