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Monday, April 21, 2008 

"About two years"

So earlier tonight I walked to my apartment from a friend's place with six copies of my thesis in a box. That was a weird feeling. Tomorrow I'm going to drop it off with the money to get our four bound copies above and beyond the school's two copies (one for me, one each for my parents and one spare one). I have no idea what I'm doing with my life next, although people keep asking. Anyone need a freelance writer?

In line at Staples with my box, waiting for the revised abstract I brought in to print out again, the lady next to me expressed astonishment and asked me how long it took me to write. I thought about giving her a literal fingers-on-keyboard answer (two weeks to a month, depending on what you want to count), but I told her the truth instead.

Here's an interesting article to consider while deciding what's next: 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job.

I haven't yet found the courage to follow this article's advice...but perhaps one day.

Something along vaguely those lines is certainly one of the main things I'm considering... although making it a reality seems rather vague.

Also, Steve seems like a bit of a jerk, or a motivational speaker. That doesn't mean he's wrong, of course.

I wish the real world worked like Steve's world!

I should never get a job either, I think by now I've risen above petty materialistic concerns such as nutrition. I love how motivational speakers don't realize that NOT EVERYONE CAN SCAM A LOT OF PEOPLE INTO GIVING OUT MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR PLATITUDES.

- although it certainly is a crowded field.

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