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Sunday, August 10, 2008 

The heat

So I'm in the 'business center' of the Holiday Inn we've been staying at in San Antonio since Wednesday; today we drive up to Killeen, where my cousin who just got married lives, and we stay there until Wednesday when we come back down here to fly up to Canada again.

I am looking forward to being cold again like you wouldn't believe. It's not that it actually gets that much hotter there (5 degrees, maybe) it's just that instead of that being a once in a while thing, in the full glare of the afternoon, it's constant. I was sitting out on the front patio of the hotel at 1 am this morning, cold beer in hand, shooting the shit, and the sweat was just pouring off of us all. The darkness didn't make it cooler at all.

It doesn't help that we're all drinking constantly, although it's certainly made for a good vacation (and relatively action packed at that - marathon golf sessions, a bachelor party and a wedding, bar hopping, tour of the River Walk, etc etc etc). I like San Antonio - and, in general, Texans - very much, but we're all very close to getting ready to go home. My birthday is tomorrow and I'll be doing I-don't-know-what for it - don't really want to celebrate, to be honest. Between this and the reunion in Kincardine and Hillside before that, I'm all relaxed out. I want to get back to work (but there's still one more 'vacation' before that, which I'm looking forward to...).

In any case, still alive, having a great time, so sick of sweating that you just wouldn't believe it. I get back to Ontario Tuesday, I work Wednesday. Hopefully my personal bottom line can survive this month.

WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Let's pretend this was posted yesterday :-)


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