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Friday, November 07, 2008 

I dropped the last bomb

I have a short review of Populous with Short Stories' album Drawn in Basic up today at PopMatters. I really like it, to the extent that I suspect the 8 I gave it may be undervaluing it a little.

I love that one too...Morr Music consistently puts out understated gems like that.

It's weird, for a record label with an aesthetic I so unabashedly love, I don't own that many Morr releases. Just this one, the last Ulrich Schnauss and their old Blue Skied An' Clear compilation (which is amazing).

Nice job on the review...that song is really beautiful, isn't it?

I'm reviewing something from Morr right now as well, the new B. Fleischmann which is mostly that glitchy, sweet pop they do, but also includes along quotation from Daniel Johnston's "King Kong". Which is a bit unsettling.

A long quotation, but not a cover? That's a bit odd. I think I remember liking the B. Fleischmann I've heard, I'll have to keep an eye out for the review...

It's pretty much the song, "King Kong" with a beat and some piano chords behind it. I think he was playing with adding human chaos to a cerebral, electro sort of formula, at least that's what I said in my review. And who better to represent human chaos than Daniel Johnston.

But he probably just liked the song, what do I know?

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