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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 

The love that loves, etc.

As part of PopMatters' rather epic coverage of the White Album's 40th anniversary we're doing a series on other classic albums of 1968, and today my contribution went up. I wrote about Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, naturally.

Remember that time you absolutely hated Van Morrison? Good times, good times.

You mean "my childhood"? Yeah, good times.

I've never found a way into the works of Van the Man. I've tried over and over for more than twenty years and can't find even a sliver or a nugget to catch me.

I like his voice in the abstract, but that would be it.

Nice job...I've actually never heard this album. Now I'll have to check it out.

Well, as my brother has pointed out, I used to hate him (or think I did). But I think that album is well worth checking out... although in your case, Erik, if you've tried AW and His Band and the Street Choir, you can probably be at peace with just not liking him that much.

Well, I loved the piece, it reflects my own feelings when listening to the album. And- like I suspect happened to you from comments, at first I wasn't sure how to GET INTO IT. But when I eventually did, I was in for good. You captured "Astral Weeks".

Thanks, Hans!

Does anyone other than Jennifer need to hear this for evaluation purposes? I am uploading it tonight.

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