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Friday, May 08, 2009 

Can you feel

So it turns out I have an incredibly intense fear of being buried alive. I found this out when a dream I had - which did not involve me or anyone else being buried alive, or even the threat of same, just dream-me idly thinking about what it would be like - scared me so badly it woke me up a few hours early. I had to call a friend to stop freaking out.

In other news, I missed it but my review of the new Client album went up a few days ago.

Wow, that's my #1 phobia...I have those buried alive dreams all the time and always wake up, sit straight up, and scare the hell out of Bill.

I'm half convinced it's a past life thing, but probably just stray chemicals.

The weird thing is, it's not something I'd been particularly terrified of before. Out of nowhere it's one of my chief fears. Weird, eh?

You can never have too many irrational fears...they take your mind off the real stuff, for one thing.

I'm also deeply weirded out by shaving cream -- and stuff that looks like it...whipped cream, etc. -- and live fish. The nightmare scenario is getting buried alive in shaving cream, with a trout flopping around.

I'm sorry, but that mental image makes me laugh.

I'm a little weirded out by jewelry, but it's hard to explain without it sounding, well, weird.

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