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Tuesday, July 07, 2009 

"What needs to be done"

Sarah Palin is an idiot, or at least a fool, and the available evidence suggests that she's a bad person as well. I know and like many Americans, and I have a basic level of faith that someone like her simply will not get elected President, or Vice President, or what have you. Which is why it made my blood run cold to see her saying, "I don't need a title to be the one to usher in what it is that needs to be done in our state or our country."

On the one hand, the delusion and the hubris is bitterly amusing (Palin isn't remotely qualified or capable enough to figure out what needs to be done, let alone to do it); one the other, the Western world tends to be fairly kind to people with no talents or virtues other than ambition, ruthlessness, a firm grasp of PR and a shaky one on reality. God help me, but should she be hit by a bus tomorrow I think I'd breathe a sigh of relief.

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