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Tuesday, September 15, 2009 

What's a boy to do?

After a very fun, satisfying weekend wherein I got no work done on anything (and for my purposes this Friday/Monday are included in that), I seem to be getting back on things today, but I still have the nagging feeling I'm behind on everything. So apologies to anyone whom I owe correspondance, writing, etc. For now, I've got a brief review of the Sir Lord Von Raven album up yesterday at PopMatters.

Hello Ian. I linked here from your "Low" blog (too many words...)

Saw Low this past saturday in MPLS at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. Great time, great show.

Would you email me at earney6@yahoo.com as I'd like to ask you to list maybe your 10 favorite low songs...I'm gonna burn a compilation. I have quite a lot of their stuff, probably nowhere near as much as you do. I love the songs Monkey, Half-Light (mothman sdtk) and almost all of Great Destroyer, Murderer.

thanks a lot if you have the time...

J. Wirtz
Minneapolis, MN

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