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Sunday, April 04, 2010 

"You can quote me on that."

I've never really watched late night TV, and if not for my PVR I still wouldn't. But (as my housemate could tell you) I've gotten pretty addicted to The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Plenty of other people online have written about why the show is brilliant (personally, the feeling that anything can happen every night is enough to have me watch them all by itself - and I've missed a lot of the really big shows, like the ones about his parents and the Desmond Tutu one), but this interview sums up really nicely why I like Ferguson.

PVR? What are you, Canadian? Is that like Tivo? ;-)
I loooove Craig Ferguson. He does have a tendency to laugh at how good his own jokes are- but I will take that anyday over Jimmy Fallon's tendency to be embarrased by how awful his own jokes are.

PVR : Tivo :: photocopier : Xerox

I don't mind him laughing at his own jokes... in one I was watching last night no-one else did and he went "well, at least it amused ME!"

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