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Monday, August 16, 2010 

It's been a long one

After a day that began in vomiting and ended with me trying to salvage a working day out of the evening (mostly successfully!), I'm in a perfect mood to appreciate the funny translator, which plays a game of secret whispers with up to 56 languages. You put in something like "I wish to change my order" - which makes perfect sense to native English speakers but is actually quite ambiguous - and you get back "The situation might change." Even just putting in "I am happy" gets you "I am so glad I found you, not me."

Secret whispers, eh? I've always called it "telephone" but have heard it called "Chinese Whispers" as well, no doubt for politically incorrect reasons.
Sorry about the throwing up. Here's hoping it was the unfortunate result of much previous merry-making?

Nope. I had a family wedding on Saturday, but I didn't drink much, left early partly to escort my pregnant sister back to the hotel, and didn't feel sick until Sunday night. Sunday night through to Tuesday morning was not fun.

Congratulations on surviving a family wedding, then- I always throw up at weddings.
Oh, wait. I meant 'cry.'
I always "cry" at weddings.

I don't, generally. Because I am cold and dead inside. But family weddings are normally lots of fun.

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