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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 

At least the rain has stopped.

Aaron Gouveia and his wife were having an incredibly bad day. Some underinformed anti-abortion demonstrators (if that's not a tautology) made it worse. Gouveia's reaction doesn't lessen the horribleness of his situation, but it is both courageous and extremely useful, I think.

In less serious news: If you can honestly say you don't want to try any of these, I guess you're a better person than I am. But also maybe a little boring; who among us would avoid the Tender Beef Pentagon?

Over at PopMatters, we're currently doing a big tenth anniversary Kid A think. There's lots of good stuff, but what you really want (meaning "the only thing I did") is here, and it's a particularly scintillating writeup of "How to Disappear Completely" if I do say so myself.

I feel a little bad for anyone who didn't make it to gonzo Japanese horror classic Hausu when it played at the Bookshelf. But at least you can see some examples of what you missed in this slideshow.

House fever is spreading!

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