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Tuesday, September 21, 2010 

Might be tricky to pull off

Some sort of sweatily paranoid assassin thriller with a cast almost entirely made up of comedic actors, that appears (at least according to the trailer) to be serious + jokes, rather than a spoof? If Operation: Endgame pulls it off, I'll buy a copy. But if I ever manage to see it, I'm half expecting a trainwreck.

I saw it some time back. Trainwreck it is.
There were 15 minutes where we were like: "This is funny! Well, ok, no. These PEOPLE are funny. We know them to be funny. This kind of sucks."
Overall, the hint when we rented it was: "Wow, this movie has a lot of famous people, how come we hadn't heard about it?" The fact that you're just now seeing the TRAILER only suggests how doomed this is.
I might be wrong, though, because about half an hour in the viewing party decided life was too short and there were other movies to watch- which is why I didn't review it, to be fair. I don't know, maybe it's secretly a cult gem. From the half hour I gleaned it's just insults and putdowns, you know: "I hope your daughter gets raped by a hugely endowed Doberman, fuckwit!" Not an actual quotation, but in the spirit of the thing.

I just reread all of Transmetropolitan, so that might actually work for me. Thanks for the information, in any case.

WHOOO! I'm finishing the last volumes now.

I'm interested to see what you think of the end!

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