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Friday, November 05, 2010 

Bullet points

- I'm not actually a big fan of Hallowe'en (or at least of the parts that require me to dress up), but in the spirit of the season, here's one of the absolute best web comics I've seen recently: His Face All Red. Last night I said to a friend that my favourite thing about comics in general is the way the medium uses pacing, and this is a stellar example.

- With the caveat that David Nutt clearly has an axe or two to grind, it was with some amusement that I noted that, in his study, mushrooms are easily the best drug - for you and society both! (Although I'd love to know why marijuana is worse for other than amphetamines, for pete's sake.)

- Want to read absolutely the worst thing I've read about music recently? Go here (and feel free to check out the rest of the blog for more equally fatuous writing from the poster boy for people who genuinely don't get that real, smart, passionate people could possibly ever disagree with their opinions), read lines like "Mumford & Sons’ music sounds authentic. There are no synths, no manufactured beats. It sounds like life. And last time I checked, we’re all human." and feel sorry for Mumford & Sons, because it's genuinely not their fault. I might not like the band all that much, but no-one deserves that kind of shit slung their way by ostensible supporters.

- In much happier news, here's a show review of Perfume Genius I wrote for PopMatters. You should go see him/them if you can.

- I love Community, but I also love Joel McHale (and wish I had the kind of free time needed to keep up with The Soup). This is an excellent example why.

- If I was rich, I would probably buy this. Best to-do list ever?

- I agree with my buddy Erik, this is the best "Keep Calm and..." remix I've seen yet.

- NASA has put together an excellent page on climate change. Nice to see the information presented clearly and concisely, for once.

Not a comment on post, but on SAMAS. Try to regroup and read. I know I've sucked, but these are the important chapters.

Don't worry, I've been following along.

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