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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 

Music Diary #2 (last Tuesday)

Tuesday, April 5

Sloan - "Losing California"/Mull Historical Society - "Animal Cannabus"/Rival Schools - "Travel By Telephone"/Fugazi - "Full Disclosure"/Plumtree - "The Phone, the Phone"/Spoon - "Quincy Punk Episode"/Ted Leo - "Me and Mia"/Local H - "Nothing Special"/The Stooges - "T.V. Eye"/Prolapse - "Tunguska"/Guided By Voices - "My Kind of Soldier"/Six By Seven - "Slab Square"/The Cooper Temple Clause - "Blind Pilots"/Delays - "Valentine"/The Wrens - "Hats Off to Marriage, Baby" (7:20 AM)

Gym music again; this time I was lifting weights, which both tends to take more time than cardio and also means I'm out of the pool for longer. A pretty good mix - I feel lucky that some of these are on YouTube, really (and with the ones that I realize might have been tough - Prolapse, Six By Seven, Plumtree - it didn't occur to me until I went and looked that they wouldn't be all over YouTube, because those bands are big deals to me). Yes, I am aware of the rather unsavoury conflict of listening to "Me and Mia" while attempting to be healthy, thanks. And who knew that Michael Fassbender starred in a Cooper Temple Clause video?

Oh Land - "Son of a Gun"/Gorilla Zoe - "Twisted"/Jamie Foxx - "Fall for Your Type"/Friendly Fires - "Live Those Days Tonight"/Young the Giant - "My Body"/Battles- "Ice Cream" (11:15 AM)

Tuesday is my normal work from home day, so I often try and get a little productive listening or even writing done in the background. In this case, I got through most of the week's work at the Singles Jukebox; my opinions can be found at the links. Except for Battles. I don't like Battles, but I never have anything to say about them.

Low & Spring Heel Jack - Bombscare EP (2:00 PM)

This has been a bit of a holy grail for me ever since I got into Low, read up on them on Allmusic and the like, and discovered the existence of this out-of-print EP on a tiny label. I figured it wouldn't be Low do drum-and-bass, but I also figured it might sound something like "Code," Alan and Mimi's gorgeous collaboration with Pan*American. I've heard a little of Spring Heel Jack's more abstract/jazzy stuff, and it seems like it'd be a good match for Low's vocals.

I've idly searched for a copy of Bombscare for years, either to buy or just to download, and I've never found anything. And then one day I look it up on discogs and this other Ian over in the UK is selling it for £4. I wound up picking up a few other things from him, and today my package finally arrived. I can't remember the last time I've been this exited to hear anything for the first time, and thankfully the EP (which I listened to twice in a row) lives up to my expectations. I love Low's current work (I still don't think they've ever made a bad album, or even just one that I don't love), but undiscovered stuff from the past? Manna from heaven, as far as I'm concerned.

Eluvium - An Accidental Memory in the Case of Death (3:00 PM)

After rhapsodizing over the Low/Spring Heel Jack EP while editing, I need to listen to something else before I wind up just looping Bombscare ad nauseum. I quick trawl through the shelves turns up Matthew Cooper's brief (26 minutes!), lovely solo piano record, which does the trick. I'm into the meat of an edit, so I'm not paying 100% attention to the music at this point.

Neil Young - "Cinnamon Girl" (10:50 PM)

After the Eluvium, I'm distracted enough by work that I don't listen to any more music at my computer. Tonight my dad, my twin brother, and I went to a beer seminar in Toronto that Dad got for us as a Christmas present. It winds up being part of a bartending course, and at first we're all a little skeptical, but it's run by one of these guys and we all wind up enjoying it thoroughly (and yeah, learning a little too). The radio was probably on in the car on the way to Toronto but we haven't seen Dad in a while so the radio is turned down and we all talk. The same for the way home, although near the end this Neil Young (an artist beloved by my family) track has us cranking the volume briefly. It was a good night, if relatively music light.

Tomorrow: A long day at work, then music trivia.


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