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Saturday, January 12, 2008 

Don't you know, baby

Feel good hits of the 12th of January, 2008:

The Go-Betweens - "You Won't Find It Again"
Wheat - "Some Days"
Silver Jews - "Tennessee"
Pet Shop Boys - "Love Comes Quickly"
The Delgados - "Pull the Wires From the Wall"
The Four Tops - "I Can't Help Myself"
Hope Sandoval - "Around My Smile"
Josh Rouse - "Hey Porcupine"
Fennesz - "Transit"
The Go-Betweens - "Rock and Roll Friend"

I see someone's listening to the 16 Lovers Lane bonus disc.

Actually, all I've been able to find at work is Bellavista Terrace, which I jumped on; those are from the 1978-1990 that you or Todd posted a while back. Wish I could find that... discovering there's a Go-Bes best of that omits "Rock and Roll Friend" (and "You Won't Find It Again" and "Right Here" and "People Say" etc etc) was pretty frustrating.

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