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Saturday, January 19, 2008 

Shed some light, shed some light on me

So, I've been a bit overly busy (and stressed out) recently, working away at the draft of my thesis. I met with my advisor briefly yesterday and he told me he didn't really expect the rest of it until Reading Week or so (I was planning on end of January). It was also a friend's birthday festivities last night. The combination of my deadline being relaxed and the general "let's get druuuuunk" air of the party last night meant that I did, in fact, get really drunk for the first time in what felt like months and danced my ass off for hours (I think I may have bruised my feet a little, actually). I had a little money in my pocket, we had a bottle of Spumonti Bambino (ahh, the old days of getting drunk for $6), they played "Ready For the Floor" (Made in the Dark is crazy, crazy good, by the way - analogies friends were drawing to the career of New Order back with The Warning actually might be apposite), I got to hang out with people I haven't seen enough of recently, and it was just generally a great night. Probably the first time since I've sequestered myself away to write that I've been happy without feeling guilty about it at the same time.

So I don't work at the store again until Monday, and I've decided I'm taking the weekend off. I put in some really hard work the last two weeks, and damn it I deserve it. I'm going to go pick up ingredients for some curry I'm making for friends for lunch and then I'm going to see Cloverfield tonight. Yeah.

Hey dude,

Good to hear that things are coming along! Taking the odd weekend off is an absolute lifesaver, eh? Keep kicking ass, taking names, and writing/typing your fingers off!

Thanks, man! It's going well so far. Still aiming for this semester... you guys are coming to the department party, right?

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