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Sunday, January 20, 2008 

You must have more important things to do

Want to know my glenn mcdonald is still my favourite writer about music? Here's the entirety of what he wrote about Drums and Guns, from his 2007 roundup:

More noises and more instruments and more words, and yet every record gets Low even closer to the perfect fury of silence. There was no more chilling moment for me in last year's music, or maybe any year's, than listening to "Murderer" on headphones, loud, in the dark, and hearing Alan tell God "I've seen you pound your fist into the earth" in only my right ear. Stereo may never have mattered more. And it's only one more rotation to get to the elusive third channel that goes straight through us without ever being heard.

You may not get the same chill running through you that I do, but you also probably haven't listened to "Murderer" as much as I have.

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